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Does the fashion photography industry reflect the diversity of modern society?

This is an essay I wrote for college, but I wanted to share it here as well as I feel this is an important topic that needs to be discussed more. Feel free to chat to me in the comments. (sources below) Diversity is often a topic of discussion these days, as the internet has …

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ToddDragon Collaborations: Summer Poetry

Hello Everyone! Today I’m doing something a little different… If you follow my book blog: then you’ll probably have seen my collaboration series with my good friend Charlie. For those of you who haven’t, ToddDragon Collaborations are posts that we try and do roughly ever 2 months about anything we find interesting really. Books …

Life, Photography, Writing

Should we tailor our lives to fit the story structure or show it how it is?

Today I wanted to write freely with just a prompt as a starting point. I came up with this prompt whilst I was reading Austin Kleon’s book ‘Show Your Work!’, which was one of the many books I borrowed from my college library the first week I joined. Overall, I enjoyed the book and found …