Things I’m Doing During Lockdown (and things you could do too)

Hello Everyone!

We’re all stuck inside at the moment, which aside from being disruptive, is also incredibly boring. I spend quite a lot of time at home anyway and generally have a lot of things I can do at home, but even I’m finding myself bored more often than I’d like to, so I thought I’d share a list of things that I’m doing to keep myself busy and at least somewhat sane. I’ve read a lot of these myself and have found many of the suggestions to be quite generalised, so I’m going to try and steer clear of that.

I’m planning on doing a similar blog post with an accompanying video featuring some creative project ideas or prompts for you to start your own creative projects in case you need some inspiration. I’ll also be doing a post and video about how to adapt your goals/previous plans to the current situation, but for now I’ll just tell you what I’ve been doing to stay sane…

Things I’m doing:


Before this mess started, I bought some paint by number canvases, which I have been slowly working my way through. I also have some blank canvases that I’m going to use to paint something of my own, but paint by numbers is a great way to get creative without having to have a lot of skill. You can always find this online and trace them onto a canvas/thicker paper if need be.


I’m going to be turning 18 at the end of this year, which means it is time I stopped thinking about my future and actually started planning it. I’d like to move out of my parents house within the next few years and build my photography business (online shop coming soon!), so I’ve been doing a lot of planning and research around those two things.

Forming New Habits

Being stuck in the house sucks, but it has also forced me to slow down and really look at my day to day routine. Yoga, reading and simple self care things used to be something I did everyday, but I got too busy and I started slacking. I’ve been using this time to rebuild some of those habits back up and adding a few new ones in there too.


If you follow my book blog: then you’ll know that I have been taking part in the O.W.L.S Readathon. It is an annual Harry Potter themed readathon with prompts for each magical ‘exam’ you take (book you read). I’m a huge reader, so I was already using this time to get through my TBR, but if you’re looking for some reading inspiration you could take part in an organised readathon or make one yourself. See how many books you can read in 24 hours or a week.

Taking a Fucking Break

We’re all stuck inside and while some people are using it to start a side hustle or learn a new language, you do not have copy them. We all need breaks and if your life is usually incredibly hectic, this could be the perfect time. I personally give you permission to chill the fuck out.

Playing Video Games

Along a similar line, I’m using this time to enjoy playing the games I don’t have as much time for during term time. It’s okay to do something fun.


If you follow my YouTube channel: then you may know that I’ve been working on writing my own book. I haven’t properly started it yet, but I’m hoping to make something of a dent in that project during this time stuck inside. If you’ve got a story you want to write, then give it a go. Or you could start a blog and write about your life like me!

Working on Myself

This whole situation has brought a lot of feelings to the surface and has made me realise that I’m not quite as over some things as I thought I was, so I’m using some of this time to try and make peace with the things that are still affecting me.


You are under no obligation to do anything productive during this time, but like me I think you’ll find you get bored of doing nothing eventually and start craving something new. We live in the age of technology, so it’s never been easier to learn new things. Search Youtube, read a book on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about or if you have the money try using a platform like Skillshare (not sponsored). I’ve personally re-signed up to skillshare premium just for one year to give me something to do and try and build some skills I’ve been wanting to build for a while.


This a common suggestion, but I really do think it is a great time to change up your room/house. We’re all probably feeling a little stale at the moment and no one can say they don’t have the time anymore, so try changing things up in your space and see how much more inspired you feel. Even if it is just clearing some surfaces or reorganising bookshelves.

Some of the things I’m learning about:
  • premiere pro
  • photoshop
  • lightroom
  • forming habits
  • astronomy
  • flowers
  • writing
  • interior decorating
  • business skills
  • tarot, crystals, anxiety stuff
TV Shows/Movies I’ve been watching:
  • The Great British Sewing Bee
  • Harry Potter (of course)
  • Star Wars
  • Never Have I Ever (on Netflix)
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Legally Blonde (this is guaranteed to make you feel like a badass)
  • Miscillenious documentaries on Netflix/Youtube that I think might be vaguely interesting

Those are some of the things I’ve been doing whilst I’m stuck inside! I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful and remember to look out for that blog post featuring some creative project ideas/inspiration. You can subscribe to my blog via email to make sure you don’t miss it in the side bar to the right!

What have you been doing whilst we’re all stuck inside? Have you been working on projects or just been watching movies? Either way tell me what your working on or bingeing because I could do with some suggestions!

Goodbye for now!

Over and Out

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