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Autumn ’19 Playlist

Hello Everyone!

To start the month off, I wanted to do a quick simple post because I’m super busy with college at the moment and I’m sure everyone else is too, having just gone back to school, Uni, College or work. I thought I would put together an Autumn playlist for you all since music is a huge part of my life and a huge source of comfort for me. I love seeing what other people listen to because I think it gives you a better idea of who they are as a person and, of course, I get some good recommendations. So here are my favourite songs at the moment and the ones I’m likely to be listening to for a good few months:

  • Eyes Like Guns by ATC
  • NIJI by ATC
  • Dear Even Hansen Soundtrack
  • Hamilton Soundtrack
  • Find You by Zedd (ft Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant)
  • Happy Now by Zedd & Elley Duhe
  • I Want You To Know by Zedd (ft Selena Gomez)
  • Beautiful Now by Zedd (ft Jon Bellion)

These won’t be the only songs I listen to over the next few months, but they are definitely the songs I’m going to be listening to the most. I think I’ll especially have the ‘Dear Even Hansen’ soundtrack on an awful lot because I find that one particularly comforting, especially when I’m doing something new and scary, which is most definitely what college is. I’m having lots of fun though, so the new and scary is worth it!

What are you listening to at the moment? What are your favourite songs? I’d love to know and get some recommendations, so leave a comment down below or come and chat to me on my Instagram: @thephotographydragon

Goodbye for now!

Over and Out

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