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What’s In My Bag: First Time College Student

Hello Everyone!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, then you may be aware that I am going to study photography at college in exactly a weeks time as I’m writing this! I don’t believe this post will go up until the Wednesday, which means I will have been at college for 2 whole days by the time you see this! I’m incredibly excited about going to college, but also very nervous, so i wanted to put together a list of things I was going to bring for my own sanity and so that I could confidently tick everything off the list.

I was originally just going to do it for me, but then i thought it would make a good blog post (and maybe a video too – subscribe to my YouTube, so you don’t miss that! 😉) for anyone else going to college for the first time or returning to reference if they needed it. Of course you are probably taking a different course to me and possibly not even in the UK like I am, so you may need to add or take away some things to adjust this list to make it more course specific, but this should help you make a good start.

  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • portable charger (for phone)
  • Camera
  • Hard-Drive
  • Memory Stick
  • Phone
Accessories/Nick Nacks:
  • keys
  • All camera accessories (spare battery, transfer cable, spare memory cards etc)
  • Money and Starbucks card
  • Tissues
  • Painkillers
  • Notebook
  • Pencil Case (pens, sketching pencils, rubber, sharpener, fine liners, coloured pencils)
  • Sketchbook 
  • Reading Book
  • Folder (to put notes, printing and letters in)
  • Post-it-notes
  • Lunch Box (snacks)
  • Water bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Pac’n’mack (I live in England and it really does rain a lot here!)

So that is what I am currently planning to bring to college with me. This list may change a little as I get to know what I actually need rather than just what i was advised to bring ‘just in case’, but the bare bones of it will stay the same. I hope this list was useful to some of you going to college (whether it be for the first time or a return journey) and it makes you feel a little bit better about the fact that you really have got everything! Are you going back to school this September? What are you studying or what would you like to study if you aren’t going back?

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Goodbye for now!

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