July Moodboard/Memories

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would put together a mood board of some of my photos and some inspiration pictures/quotes I found online to summarise my July 2019 for you all! I personally really love mood boards and have a giant one on my wall that I am constantly updating to show the things I want, so i thought it would be fun to put together a digital version and post it on here for you all to see! I’m also thinking about making a Pinterest board every month, so you might be able to view them there too: thephotographydragon

July has been a challenging month for me in terms of my mental health, but has also been filled with holidays, projects and excitement for the future. I had my college welcome day, I went away for a week and had loads of fun, I’ve offically started a lot of things including my YouTube channel, this blog, working out and I am planning on starting and Etsy store too! It has also been quite a Harry Potter filled month since I am re-reading the series (you can see my book blog for more details on that:! What have you done in July? What have you learnt this month?

Goodbye for now!

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